She CEO Empowerment Digital Planner

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This planner is a GAME CHANGER. I got tired of purchasing planners that couldn't meet my busy life needs and help give me clarity on my biz goals. Because, I know that I am not the only She CEO that feels this way. I wanted to share this GAME CHANGER planner.

The She CEO Empowerment Planner can be used as a digital planner or you can download the pages. Each page is designed to help get all your ideas on paper, give you clarity on your goals, and balance for your SUPER busy life.

 She CEO Empowerment Planner details.

  • Developing Brand- This page is good for the She CEO who's thinking about starting a business or rebranding.
  • Monthly Goals- This page will help you plan and execute your sales goals.
  • Content Organizer Page- This page will help you plan out a months worth of content. Bonus ( I put tips to increase your sales and followers on you social media)
  • Household & Business Budget/Bill - This page will help you tell your money where to go. 
  • Weekly Post Planner Page- This page will help you plan out your post Monday- Saturday. Rest on Sunday sis. Again, this planner is to help you balance and not burn out.
  • To do list- This page is suppppper amazing. See for yourself 
  • Daily Planner Page- Is everything for me and I hope it's for you. This page allows you to start planning from 5:30am - 12am. However, it's not to burn you out but to help you balance. Pick what days you will wake up early or work late to invest in yourself and your business.
  • Then don't forget the Empowerment pages to keep you motivated.